Modern square high fiberglass planter 23-45”

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  • Name: Morden square high fiberglass planter
  • Type : Fiberglass planter
  • Sku : 233547-MW
  • Color : Matte white
  • Shape : Cubihi
  • Style : Contemporary
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Brand : Lutus   
  • ——*****-----                     
  • Dimensions In inches
  • (Length Width ↘︎  Height ↕︎)

S Size : 12x12x23

Weight : 13lbs

Capacity : 10 gallons

M Size : 14x14x31

Weight : 24lbs

Capacity : 20 gallons 

L Size : 15x15x35

Weight : 30lbs

Capacity : 28 gallons 

XL Size : 17x17x47

Weight : 46lbs

Capacity : 45 gallons



  • Handmade products
  • Luxury and last longer
  • Light weights
  • UV protection
  • Weather Resistant
  • Outdoor and indoor
  • Option with drainage holes or without drainage holes (request)* In stock
  • delivery 3-7 working days


This collection item is a contemporary design which is come with high quality and the final finishing is fancy and luxury looking planters.

 These planters are modern charming and unique themself, they just fit perfectly in all modern surroundings.

A simple design but the best way to highlight your favorite flowers or decorative trees in your home, office, garden, patio…


   Fiberglass planters are made from high grade composite materials. This product is synthesized from many different materials such as unsaturated poly-resin, gelcoat, fiberglass mat, stone powder… the product is very strong impact resistance, limited cracking and stable colors.

Drainage Holes

   The Product originals have no drainage holes. 

   The drainage holes can be REQUEST when check out.


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* Free Ship is NOT Including for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico


Simple but not...

We aslo can do a custom made for you


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