47 inches tall. Fiberglass squarehi planter in matt black - By Lutus

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  • 17x17x47h in. * 177 gallons * weight 33lbs * FREE SHIPPING - $385.00


Product details

Name : Fiberglass planter/pot

Materials : Fiberglass/fiberstone

Please contact us for wholesale prices at official@lutuspottery.com


Fiberglass planters are made from high grade composite materials.

This product is synthesized from many different materials such as unsaturated poly-resin, gelcoat, fiberglass mat, stone powder…

and it's coated with the 2k paint in the highest level with safety certificate good for both producers and users.

The product is very strong impact resistance, limited cracking and stable colors for indoor and outdoor use.

With a simple design but the best way to highlight your favorite flowers or decorative trees in your garden/patio.

* Handmade products

* Luxury and last long use

* Light weights

* UV protection

* Rust and water resistant

* In stock delivery 3-7 working days

* Distribution - Wholesales - Retails

* We ship worldwide 

 Money back guarantee @Lutus

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